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Re: Dr. Elijah Grant

Europeans have been called the CANCERS of the earth. That name may be too kind. Check out this excerpt:

"Cook's men, as he himself had predicted in his journal, set off an epidemic of venereal disease on the islands. That was just the beginning. Over the decades that followed, fevers, dysentery, influenza, lung and kidney ailments, rickets, diarrhea, meningitis, typhus, and leprosy killed hundreds of thousands of Hawaiians."

This pattern of DISEASE SPREADING is noticed in every culture they have visited or invaded.

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An addendum

If you think great people are born that way, you are sadly mistaken. The BEST people have been through HELL several times and they keep their INDOMITABLE spirit intact. They aren't weakened by adversities, they are made stronger. You can say they have been through many FIRES and GAINED THE FEARLESS POWER to make a change in people and situations.

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